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Friday Funny – 12/26/08

While I find the following clip quite funny (and hope that you do too), I also see this installment of the Friday Funny as a bit of an object lesson for those of us who work in churches; If you have flown on Southwest Airlines, you know that they rarely do the pre-flight safety orientation with the same boring cadence that all of the other airlines do.

What I appreciate about that is that when I fly on Southwest, I actually pay attention to the safety briefing! As churches, do your services look much the same each week, so that most of the people in their seats just tune most of it out? Or, are you changing things up to keep the feeling fresh and engaging?


One comment on “Friday Funny – 12/26/08

  1. You nailed it. Not different just for the sake of being different. They get and keep your attention by being intentionally different in an approachable way.

    Easier to talk about than to pull off. It takes planning and effort to look this esy and effortless…

    Thanks for sharing.

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