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Knowing the man upstairs

About a year after I graduated high school, I got a job with a large manufacturing firm. It was a great job with good benefits. This was a company that was started by a genius-of-a-man who had invented a line of golf clubs that revolutionized the game. He was a quirky old guy… and, not surprisingly, quite the perfectionist. When he walked around the production floor people got a little edgy, because he was the type of guy that would walk right up to you and tell you that you were doing something wrong. He would then usually shoo you out of the way and show you how he wanted it done! Even the newest employees were able to quickly recognize him and hope that they would never be chastised. People were afraid of him.

We all knew him is “The Captain”… as mysterious as he was smart. His office was at the top of a long stairway up to an unseen area on the second floor that loomed like a sort of principal’s office that no one would ever want to visit. Everyone at the company knew who he was, but no one seemed to know him. There were lots of framed pictures of him all over the place…. The Captain with pro athletes, movie stars, even U.S. Presidents… yet still it seemed that very few knew him. Several years into my employment there, I had moved on from the assembly floor and into video production and had occasions to work closely with The Captain… even after 12 years in that place, I never felt like I knew him any better than I did when I first started… and to be honest, I never felt like he had any idea who I was either.

It amuses me when people refer to God as “the man upstairs”, because I think of the man upstairs as a little old guy with a white goatee who looked like Colonel Sanders and changed the game of golf for millions of weekend duffers, not the creator of EVERYTHING. And the best part… I can actually know God!

Put on your new nature, and be renewed as you learn to know your Creator and become like him. Colossians 3:10 NLT

I love that verse because it tells me that even though I may not not know all there is to know about God, I can spend the rest of my life learning to know him. I’m also so thankful that he is patient with me, is willing to teach me, and best of all, knows me.


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