New Series promo

I love working at a church that tries to do some advanced planning! We’re rarely way ahead of the game, but we try to be. In 2 weeks, we’re starting a new series based on the book Luke, chapters 13 & 14; these are some great sections of scripture where Jesus is messing with the traditionalists… No matter what the old-schoolers threw at him, he made it known that he came to earth to switch people’s way of thinking… thus the series title; SWITCHED. Here’s a promo we produced to tease the series for a couple of weeks:

Always open for a critique… what do you think? Does it intrigue you to come back for more?


6 comments on “New Series promo

  1. Looks great… love the music bed and he does a good job communicating. Did you animate a vignette to get that look?

  2. Matt,

    I’m going to call that animated vignette a “happy accident”… I treated the video with Magic Bullet and then added ‘camera smoothing’ in Final Cut and got that animated look… I love it!

  3. Very nice work. I wasn’t sure about the moving vignette at first but I think it ends up working well. It’s a “switch”… 🙂

  4. love the vignette, music and colors. What settings in Magic Bullet did you use to get the colors adjusted? I love it when something happens and it wasn’t intentional, but comes off looking toasty!

  5. I really like this. I sent it to our creative team.

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