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Team Top 10

I’ve quoted and re-posted some great material from Ron Edmondson in the past; he is a very insightful pastor… if you don’t read his blog on a regular basis, start now! The following list was another post that was just too good. Enjoy.

Organizational teams that win have a lot in common with successful athletic teams. Here are 10 traits of a successful team:

1. The coach cares personally about the players.

2. Players understand and believe in team strategy.

3. Dreams of big wins are a part of the culture.

4. Everyone plays. There are no benchwarmers. No voice is excluded from discussions.

5. Risky plays are encouraged.

6. The entire team agrees on what a win looks like. There is a common vision.

7. Team spirit is prevalent. There is support of fellow team members.

8. Losses are okay and actually encouraged if the team learns from it.

9. Wins are celebrated.

10. As seasons change, the team restructures to meet the current competition.

What would you add to the list?


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