Who better than a child?

Rather than try to put my own spin on an item an then ask you to watch it… just watch:

Say what you will about a child merely repeating what a parent or other adult has coached them to say… I look at the courage and conviction in this girl’s eyes and any of that thinking is gone. Who better than a child to speak so boldly for the rights of unborn children?

(For more information on this speech, click HERE)


2 comments on “Who better than a child?

  1. She had me in tears.

    I agree w/ her that the psychological issues can FAR outweigh the physical. I struggle w/ depression off & on & have been told that it’s common.

    Thanks for posting this. Hopefully some folks other than pro-lifers will be affected by it.

  2. I need this girl on my speech and debate team now! She has so much command in her voice and she is very persuasive!

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