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“WE” leadership

Once again, my friend Scott Rodgers. with Lifechurch.tv has a great leadership post that challenges me and causes me to re-evaluate my own leadership. I’m so thankful to have access to people like him who are willing to be relevant and real with leadership issues! Soak this one up!

1912816725_751023dc9a_mSome leaders make the decisions, some carry them out. Leaders at every level often stand as ambassadors for those who lead them.  They are tasked with carrying out the decisions of others and representing the organization well.

Leaders who do this well typically start their coversations with the word ‘WE’ when discussing organizational decisions or changes.  They publicly own the decisions of their leaders. Those who don’t do this well typically start their conversations with the word ‘THEY‘. They publicly dispossess the decisions of their leaders.

Here are some other differences between the two.  I will call them the ‘WE’ and ‘THEY’ leaders:

1.  WE leaders take the lead. They stand in front and lead with optomism and confidence, even when the outcomes of others decisions are uncertain.  THEY leaders cower, complain, and while physically standing in front, fall back to the rear of the line.

2.  WE leaders take the bullet. They absorb the pushback and frustration of those who disagree with the decision.  This frees their leaders to lead without unecessary distraction.  This takes a lot of character.  THEY leaders are more like Wonder Woman. THEY raise their indestructable bracelets of self preservation and deflect the peoples resistance back onto their leaders.

3.  WE leaders take it further. They cast vision, create excitement, and get innovative on how to move their leaders decisions forward.  THEY leaders frustrate progress. THEY do this by digging in their heals and not representing their leaders with visible support.

As leaders, those who lead us need to trust us to ‘represent’ well.


One comment on ““WE” leadership

  1. Thanks, my friend. I’m glad my post added some value to your day.

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