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Going back

2632677530_6ebd5a5561_mI’m going back to Phoenix, AZ for a visit… it will be the first time I have been back there in 18 months; On one hand, I’m old enough to know that it’s just a trip where I will be seeing friends and family and I will be working a few days for some money to pay for the trip. On the other, I feel like a kid in third grade who is too excited to sleep because there’s a field trip tomorrow!

Every time I mention this trip, I almost automatically say, “I’m going home”. Although I lived in Phoenix for 35 years, it’s no longer ‘home’. I have no belongings there, no real estate interests… I have a handful of in-laws, a few dozen very good friends, but that still doesn’t make it home. My mother passed away there 2 years ago, but that certainly doesn’t make it home. I still follow most of the sports teams from Phoenix, which means that I haven’t done much celebrating for a while, but it still isn’t home.

I’m excited… and even a little nervous, I guess. I’m curious to see what has changed and what has stayed the same. There are so many people that I can’t wait to see… a few others that I hope don’t even know I’m coming. I’m sure that the shear size of the city will seem overwhelming to me now… I can’t help but wonder what everything else will feel like.

When you visit what used-to-be-home, how does it feel to you?


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