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Dry Heat

2407482681_6428b31068_mI’ve been back in Phoenix for about 24 hours now… I’ve reconnected with friends, driven by places I used to live… It has been a good trip. What I wasn’t ready for was the quick reminder of how dry it is here! The normal Arizona heat has held off this year, which is nice, but it is still so dry… amazing how quickly your body can calibrate to the climate you live in. I woke up this morning to pastey-dry eyes and mouth… almost gasping, really!

When scripture mentions the desert it always seems to be reflective of some one that is away from God… dry, gasping. Isn’t it interesting that when we are physically dry and thirsty, all we can think about is getting a good drink of water, yet when we are dry spiritually, we will wander around, almost carelessly… not realizing the danger we are in if don’t get a good drink.

When you are “dry”, what steps do you take to get a good drink?


One comment on “Dry Heat

  1. Welcome back to Phoenix! When I’m pysically dry, I reach for cool, not cold water. And when I’m spiritually dry, I head out into nature, to see what lessons are to be learned. It never fails me.

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