Where I grew up

When you’re back where you grew up, do you go see the places where you used to live? I guess I’m just the curious type… I like seeing what the ‘new people’ have done to the place. Are they keeping up with the yard work? Did they paint the house a new color?

As I continue my time here in Phoenix, I took a drive today to see the house where I grew up… I didn’t live there a terribly long time, but I did a lot of growing up there.  It’s where we had our wedding rehearsal dinner and countless other family gatherings. It’s also the house that I brought my kids to for many years to see gramma and papa… it’s where I taught them to swim & dive. It’s the house where we would sit on the roof to watch fireworks on the 4th of July. It was the last place my mother lived.

I wonder if the current owners were ever curious about the previous residents… is there any way for them to sense all of ‘living’ that went on within those walls… the good times, the challenges, the laughter, and the tears. I’ve often thought about writting them a letter about our family and our time in and around that house… but I just as quickly squash the idea as silly, or self-indulgent… or something. After all, it’s just the place where I grew up, right?


3 comments on “Where I grew up

  1. I often drive by Ansonborough when I’m down on the peninsula and take a look at the only home I knew growing up. I left there when I was 18 to join the Marines. That was 1957. It still looks the same. From the outside. I have not knocked on the door to chat.

    A few years ago, while on vacation in Los Angeles, I searched and found my old house in Burbank. It had a slick new paint job but looked as I remembered it from the 1970s. The small trees out front now were large trees.

    Maybe you can’t go home again but you can slow down as you drive by.

  2. Hey Steve, enjoyed reading your reflection on home. I believe a home is where we share our dreams, and create the beginning innovation that we pass along to our children in their home, where they will bring their children, and the cycle goes.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experience. I appreciate the sentiment, and passion.

    Enjoy! Blue Skies,

    Kim Newton

  3. Totally – I used to drive by my old ‘hood rather often, every few months maybe, and wonder all the same things. Now we live in big old house that’s 30 years old here in an old small town in Colorado, and I would love to get a letter from whoever lived here before. And, I’ve always wanted to go back to Texas and visit my grandmother’s house, which is now owned by the choir director of her church, and ask if I could come in for a visit. When I was little I figured on living there myself someday. 🙂 Still a little sad that didn’t happen. Who knows… maybe some day!

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