Worship Environments; Excellence and Invisibilty

281928443_ef9148c33a_mIt may come as a surprise to some that while I love what I do with visual media, I’m actually a bit of a minimalist when it comes to how that media is used in worship environments. I am, first and foremost, a worshipper… combine these two aspects and what you get is some one who wants to do all that I can to work with others in creating atmospheres where people can encounter God with minimal distractions.

Churches have plenty of technology available, but does that mean that we should use ALL of it ALL of the time? Is what we do with that technology helping foster an environment of worship, or is it really more of a distraction? What I have seen at many churches is an over-use of concert lighting, camera shots (IMAG), and motion backgrounds (too many, changing constantly). While I readily acknowledge that we live in a very visual society, I believe that we must use these tools to foster worship, but stop shy of creating an environments where people are so visually over-loaded that they end up just watching. The question I use to keep what we do in check is simple: If the power goes out, can we still worship or would we send people home?

Worshiping God does not happen because of our technology or programming, but our media and machines can help create a great background. I stress to my volunteers that when we do what we do with excellence and invisibility, we aren’t putting on a show… we are just servants of the One people come to encounter.


5 comments on “Worship Environments; Excellence and Invisibilty

  1. Well said. I’m in complete agreement.

  2. Good post man, I ask myself that question alot. And sometimes I don’t wish I was able to keep it at the forefront.

  3. I totally agree. If people walked away and said “Wow, what a great light show” then we have failed.

  4. Thanks for reminding everybody that we worship God and not technology.

    One Sunday, our computer crashed in the middle of service and the words were gone. From the platform, I said to my head pastor “Correctly me pastor if I’m historically inaccurate, but worship DID take place in the church before the invention of computers, right?” I got a full-on applause from the congregation…

  5. I really agree with this notion and am pretty sure it was part of the reason we left the last church we attended regularly. I run sound and slides for the church we have been going to for the past year and can relate even more directly. We meet in a middle school, so everything is setup and taken down weekly, so there’s one very real limit to how much tech we can deliver on a weekly basis… but if we had a brick and mortar of our own, the media would probably remain simple with not much more than a projector, a Mac, and a copy of ProPresenter….

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