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Dirt Conference

dirtI’m pleased to announce that I will be presenting material on the use of video in the church as well as what it means to work with your pastor on the creation and presentation of creative visual elements in church services and special events at a great new conference called Dirt. This is going to be a rather unique gathering of people from all over the country that want to take their production levels up a notch or two…in lighting, staging, and video (check the website for updates on the sessions). It will be very heavy on labs/breakouts, and light on a lot of big key-note speaker meetings so that attendees can focus on gathering the information that they came for. Good people + Good info = Good conference!

Who should attend this conference? …perhaps this video will explain things a little better:

What I’m most excited about is that this isn’t going to be a conference where you just blow in and blow out… this is going to be all about connections. You will leave with names, phone numbers, and email addresses of the presenters and others that do what we do so that when that idea hits you 6 weeks later and you have no idea how to pull it off, you can call people who will help you with ideas or resources to make it happen! Dirt isn’t snobby, its just dirt…and I’d love to see you there!

Twitter-types: follow @dirtconference for ongoing details about DIRT!


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