Constant Location Scouting

3119891607_5c70175eac_mFrom the “I’ve become too obsessed with video” file, I’d like to submit the following encouragement:

Where ever you go, no matter what you’re doing there (or even on the way there), consider it a location scout the for your next creative element… consider that your “finds” might be a cool backdrop for a video tease for a future series, a great object lesson that could apply to a future sermon point, or even b-roll for a story of some one’s life-change. Be constantly thinking about relevant word-pictures that might translate well into the worship environment… places and things that can be incorporated into teaching.

While working at a church in Phoenix, AZ, our pastor wanted to do a six part teaching series for the small group ministry; we brain-stormed about making the material “watchable” and engaging so as to garner good discussion. In one segment about the importance of working together as a team, I came up with an idea; I drove by a local fire station on my way home from work every day and started thinking about how firemen have to work as a team or people die. I pitched the idea to my pastor and he loved it! We made arrangements to go into the fire station with a couple of cameras and have the pastor interview the crew about their team work… we couldn’t have scripted it any better than it came out! Lesson: It’s difficult to take your entire church body to the fire station, but VERY easy to bring the fire station to them.

I would even encourage you to keep a small notebook with you in your car or backpack for keeping notes about your scouting… a digital camera too (even if you just snap quick pics on your phone!). Ideas like these can bring great value as you plan current and future sermon series. A great location and concept can make a good idea a GREAT idea… just keep your eyes open!


8 comments on “Constant Location Scouting

  1. Last week I shot at a really cool cool new location. A photographer friend of mine suggested a spot that he had done portraits before. It worked out nicely. Check it out here -> http://vimeo.com/4938126

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