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Unplugged – Saturday Cafe

508471067_dde4935688_mI read a great post from Anne Jackson last week that left me a little nostalgic… so I approached this Saturday morning differently. Anne wrote about the reverence of reading scripture in paper form; this is something that I, like so many, have gotten away from. Being on-line so much, it was an easy transition to do a lot of my bible reading via various websites and digital forms. This also means that when I’m “reading” (or just getting a quick reference, which is often the case) it’s incredibly easy to pop around to my other tabs, checking my email, facebook, the weather, and any number of other distractions. Anne’s post helped me to remember that it is important to unplug from all of that and dial into God and His Word… that in those quiet times of reflection and meditation is where I am going to get the most from that time with Him.

So today I spent an hour, or so, with my bible… the real one with pages and notes, and verses that I highlighted some time ago… no computer, no phone, not even music… just me, my Creator and His book… It was different… it was good.

I know we all love our technology and connections, but don’t ever forget the connection that we all need the most.


One comment on “Unplugged – Saturday Cafe

  1. This is something that I started doing again when I went to South Africa. I liked it so much that I have neglecting YouVersion for the real deal since I’ve been home. Great reminder.

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