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Wasabi Gospel

wasabiweb2While I’m sure that I could be accused of being quite the apple-polisher by pimping my boss’ newest book, Wasabi Gospel, I can say with complete clarity… He does enjoy a good apple… but more so than that, he is a great writer! I count myself rather blessed to work with Shawn Wood and have access to his unique way of looking at what it means to follow Christ.

What I appreciate most is Shawn’s view of things that we all deal with; he goes right at the topics without sugar-coating anything. If you are looking to examine your own faith from a very realistic point of view, this is a book you should read. I will tell you that your first tendency may be to put the book down after reading the first chapter: Shawn takes a look at a short, seemingly simple scripture:

Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy. Matthew 5:7

He goes on to elaborate on three levels of forgiveness… I didn’t even want to know what happened in levels 2 and 3… but the truth is that I needed to read them and take another look at how I’m not forgiving the way that Christ would have me forgive.

I recommend this book for anyone who has found their faith to be just like that of so many others… imperfect, lacking, and in the amazing process that brings us closer to God regardless of how many times we fall short.


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