Has twitter killed most blogs?

twitterI really can’t remember which I got into first, twitter or this blog, but they were within a few weeks of each other about a year and a half ago. Each seemed to have their own specific purpose; tweets for short quips or questions to a relatively small audience and blog posts for more elaborate thoughts and could include pictures and video clips.

Much has changed since those co-starts of social networking, and now twitter looks like it’s leaving blogging in the dust! It seems that it has so conditioned all of us that use it regularly to keep all of our thoughts in 140 character brackets… and that longer, more thoughtful (or though provoking) muses are occurring less and less. I don’t blog anywhere near as much as I used to, but most days I use twitter at least 6 or more times.

Even when I do post to this blog and tweet the link, my reads are way down… I guess that I’d like to think that my writting is still pretty good, it’s just that people aren’t that into reading the posts like they used to. Stats are down, comments just don’t come like they used to… I’m left to wonder if anyone is into this stuff anymore.

Hello? Is anyone out there? (echo effect would be really cool here…)


6 comments on “Has twitter killed most blogs?

  1. Steve,
    I’ve noticed very similar things on my blog and talked with a few other folks with similar experiences. Have you checked your RSS feed subscribers to see if that has changed much lately. Mine went up slightly in the same time that visits and comments dropped.

    I think you are on to something with twitter, and to some degree facebook, affecting blog readership. These “quick hit” mediums have opened up a river of information for people and most are trying to figure out what to give attention to and how much to give. Twitter and facebook give the feeling of consuming more info in a shorter time. They also have more of the social/community feel than blogs do now….

    That being said, I try to make sure I stop by here at least on Friday’s… 🙂


  2. My tweeting has definitely hurt my blogging. It’s just so much easier. I don’t want to to a blog post if I wish to pop in and share a little thought, and I don’t have to plan, upload photos, hyperlink or any of those things.

    Still, I like to blog, and I’m trying to do more.

  3. I’m still blogging. I’ve never really concerned myself with how many people read it or who reads it (although it seems according to Google Analytics there are at least a few) so I couldn’t really say if it’s gone down or anything.

    I’m probably not blogging quite as much as I used to, although that’s more work related than anything else.

  4. Hmmm. I think I’m actually blogging more. I check Facebook maybe once a day and ignore ALL requests to send gifts, join groups, etc. I see FB could be all consuming and – for some – it already appears to have many VERY wrapped up in it.

    I prefer to spend that FB time out meeting people, dining, travel, listening to live music..you know, living a life.

    Oh, and blogging.

  5. I actually don’t have a blog, so I guess I’m more a consumer of information.
    For me they server two different purposes. Twitter is a community and meant for quick thoughts and informal questions… Almost like a family or small group.
    Where blogs are a place to consume information in more of a traditional sense that is less interactive.

    With that said, most blogs I read now are because I saw the link fly by on twitter… There are some I typically check out when I have free time and a few I subscribe to via RSS… However twitter is what points me to information… You trust the people you follow on twitter therefore information you see there you’re more likely to click on and read.

    Just my $0.02

  6. I’m a dinosaur I suppose, but I shall stick to my blog (ShadowofDiogenes) since I am soon to be 5 years in duration (my blog I mean)…:-)

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