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Moving Pictures – Part 1

image(2)As I consider what I love about telling stories via video, I’ve become enamored with the term “Moving Pictures” – pictures that cause people to think, reflect, change… in that, I’ve decided to do some short posts regarding different aspects of what that means to me and how it may help others who work in church video production. Here is the first:


A video that moves people will have a well defined purpose. Do you want people get a great mental picture of a section of your pastor’s sermon? Do you want people to get involved in a cause? Do you want people to consider different aspects of God? Plan, produce, and deliver a piece that is rooted in great purpose and people will be moved.

A video that is well planned and executed will add great value to a service or sermon… the opposite can leave your congregation confused and distracted. Get a clear vision on the purpose of the piece and run with it! Run concepts and rough cuts past trusted friends or co-workers to help you stay true to the intended purpose. Most importantly, when you hit one out of the park, post it on your blog (or youtube or vimeo) with a description of how the piece came to be and how it was used so that it may inspire some one else to do something similar.


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