Moving Pictures – Series Promos

image(4)Promoting a new sermon series or special event can be touchy… The key is to give enough information without saying too much; The goal is to get people interested enough to come back and engage in what is next… maybe even invite a friend who might not otherwise be interested.

There are a few ways to execute an effective promo:

Timing: Consider that you need to dispense enough GOOD information in a relatively short amount of time. I think that in order to whet people’s appetites, a good promo needs to come in at no more than 90 seconds, any more than that and it starts to feel like an infomercial, and no one wants that! Another critical timing element is where to use a promo in a service. This can be a moving target… in truth, I love doing promos but I have yet to find a solid place to use them within any given service. If you run it before the service (we have put them in the countdown before), you lose a good chunk of your audience because the building is less than half full. If you run it just before the sermon, does it confuse your audience about what they are seeing? If you run it at the end of the service, people are already tuning out and wanting to get to the buffet! (If your church has found a good/consistent spot for promos, please leave it in the comments here!)

Content: What is the series about? When does it start? Why does your audience need to engage? Even if your pastor/speaking team doesn’t have all of the messages written out, do all that you can to get a good over-view of what the content of the series is about. Get creative!

Props to my friend Neil Greathouse and his team at New Life Church in Little Rock, Arkansas

Props to my friend Gordo Flores and his team at Christ’s Church of the Valley in Peoria, Arizona

We wanted to do a quick, funny promo for a series about relations between men and women at Seacoast… it resulted in a quick trip to a craft store and a voice-over session that included entirely too much laughing!


3 comments on “Moving Pictures – Series Promos

  1. Thanks Steve!

    I think the hardest part for me, when it come to coming up with the idea for a promo, is not being anticlimactic…. (Was that a double negative?)

    Just building, building, building… then… nothing….
    I hate coming to the end of a promo for anything, and thinking… um… what was the point…

    We have made lots of those, but mostly we put to much info in the spot… It’s a thin line to balance on. Good luck out there!


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