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Production and purpose 9/10/09

Production and Purpose™ is dedicated to featuring great examples of well planned and executed video productions that tell the story of God’s transforming love.

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NewSpring does it again! Check out the story of Jad Dean, a record setting place kicker for Clemson University from 2003 – 2006. Beautiful pictures, great post-production and another great story of how Jesus changes lives.

I chatted recently with Adam Kring from NewSpring to get some of the details from the production:

  • Jad Dean is a friend of Brad Cooper, the student pastor at NewSpring (Work your contacts! Your friends and co-workers are tied to people with great God-stories!)
  • The old school football filed was a last minute find… and what a great find! (Don’t ever stop scouting locations!)
  • They deployed a trio of Panasonic cameras; the HVX200, HVX170, and HPX500; all on P2 media.
  • Edited in Final Cut Pro and treated with AfterEffects.

I love Adam’s attitude… he finished our discussion like this:

It’s weird for me sometimes to sit and watch my work and realize that God had chosen me to be apart of what He is doing at NewSpring.  I am a storyteller at heart and when opportunities like this come along with such a powerful story to be told, I am so thankful I get to be apart of it.

Lending help on this project: Justin Beam, Ben Coleman, Tyler Sloan, and Ken Wilson.

Have you found an example of Production and Purpose? Drop me a link and a line at: murphy24p[at]gmail.com


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