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Production and Purpose 9/24/09

Production and Purpose™ is dedicated to featuring great examples of well planned and executed video productions that tell the story of God’s transforming love.

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I love making new connections with producers of great media… Christopher Johns at Northwood Church in Keller, TX is doing some great stuff! Check out a recent piece called “Forgiveness”:

I love the look, the simplicity, and most of all, an amazing story of God’s forgiveness! I asked Chris to give me some insights from the production: He shoots with JVC GYHD250U and pipes it right into his Final Cut Pro box (via an SDI connection and Blackmagic card) for great high def pictures. The subject was shot on a green screen (I love that most people wouldn’t even know that by making it black in post!) with just enough key and side light for a great dramatic feel. He tackles post-production a little differently than most by taking the original footage right into AfterEffects for treatment before editing to get a good feel for how the final piece will look while he’s in the edit. The image is de-saturated 65-70% to give it that near-black and white look.

One thing I’m always curious about is how churches “harvest” their stories; Chris told me that their Head of Communications keeps a good finger on the pulse of stories that come into the church, always trying to be mindful about whereand when to use them. This was a great story to use during a weekend about guilt and forgiveness. He also mentioned that they were able to bring in a great worship element, using the song “How He Love Us” since it was mentioned as a integral part of the story. I love hearing about these kinds of combinations; I can imagine that it became an amazing minitry moment in the service!

Have you found an example of Production and Purpose? Drop me a link and a line at: murphy24p[at]gmail.com


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