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The Fun Theory

Maybe I’m jumping the gun by not putting a great deal of thought into this post… or maybe that’s exactly what I should do in this case!

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you are likely someone engaged in creative or technical work at a church… With that in mind, we all know how much work goes into any given week… and that there’s usually still stuff that carries into the next week! Well, my friend Neil Greathouse did a great post recently about making sure that you have fun as a staff; I couldn’t agree more! Funny thing is how intentional we have to be at times just to schedule time for fun.

I truly believe that we can get to know each other very well while we’re in the trenches, making the stuff happen. But I also believe that when we goof-off a little, clown around some, and occasionally laugh until we cry, that we learn to really enjoy each other. These are the bonds that show each other our true strengths, and weaknesses. These are the bonds that make problems easy to solve. These are the bonds become worth fighting for. The “fun” can make the “work” worth doing.

Are you having fun?


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