Dirt Conference; a recap

4099193153_da1b287030I’m sure that there are those who would lump all Christian conferences into the same category… I used to be one of them. After two days in Little Rock, Arkansas, I can’t say that anymore. This conference was an amazing gathering of people who are passionate about media, methods and the madness that sometimes drives us to do what we do. While many may have thought that this would be a great opportunity to hear about new technologies and techniques, for me the biggest surprise was just how deep we were drawn in spiritually.

Wait a minute… you were surprised by the depth of spirituality at a Christian conference?

Yes… I knew that it would be a chance to meet great people and to talk about what we all do and how we do it, but the corporate worship and main sessions just blew me away! On day 2, the early labs were nearly interrupted by the extended time of communion and worship. We were privy to teaching from Rick Bezet, Neil Greathouse, Anne Jackson, and Dino Rizzo that was challenging at a level that I think most people were taken back by. They all hit us right in the heart..

  • Don’t lose the confidence of your calling
  • God wants us to experience HIM for ourselves
  • God wants your heart so much more than he wants your talent
  • Don’t let the potential for many keep you from your passion for one
  • Bottom line: None of us gets a free pass into God’s presence simply because we work or volunteer for churches!

I made amazing connections with some incredibly talented people… I had my head rocked by some innovative thinking… but nothing compared to the reconnection I had with my God, the One who gave me the desire to make videos and tell stories in the first place. For me, at the core of Dirt was a call to not rely on our talents but to always press deeper into God.

I’m sure that the top minds at Dirt are still evaluating all that happened in this inaugural event, but if they choose to do it again, get your whole creative team there… you won’t be sorry.

3 comments on “Dirt Conference; a recap

  1. Thank you very much for coming to dirt. Your comments made it all worth it.

  2. really glad I got to connect with you and gary… you two are frikin hilarious and its probably a beneficial thing that you two are on opposite sides of the country….for peoples sanity… haha

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