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New Series promo – Compelled

One of the things that I love about Seacoast Church is the way that we study an entire book of the bible in 4-6 week chunks. We try to find a theme in the chapters as they are grouped together. We’ve been studying the book of Acts since about the middle of last year and I can honestly say that it has come alive for me! Going through it, chapter by chapter, has really given me countless new insights on the early church. Next week we start a new section; 6 weeks where we will cover Acts 12-17 and how the disciples were compelled to preach the gospel, even when it seemed that the world was against them… thus the series title, “Compelled”. Here is a promo that starts running this weekend:

Your feedback is always welcome!

I’m curious… how does your church plan out it’s sermon series? Leave a comment so that this community can learn from each other.

One comment on “New Series promo – Compelled

  1. Our creative and pastoral teams have a meeting where we plan 6 or so months of series. Our pastor usually has the topics he wants to hit in each series, along with titles that need to be formulated into something catchy to give them a theme. From there, we have that time to design graphics and videos to support the messages.

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