Why video works in church

I can remember several years ago when the pastor of our church would ask the congregation if anyone had a testimony… “What is God doing in your lives?” he would ask. This would usually be followed by 2 or 3 people going forward and nervously recapping an event where God had shown Himself to be amazing; these times were always encouraging, even if it was just because it was something we didn’t always do. I would never discount those moments, but they were rarely something that would be remembered for long.

This is what I love most the type of work that I do; the opportunity to make these stories into videos that can convey so much more to the viewer… I firmly believe that a well-crafted video built on a great story can have an eternal impact on people. Video allows us to really see the eyes of the story-teller… feel their emotions and thus, experience our own.

Special thanks to Adam Kring and NewSpring Church for their consistently good work.


2 comments on “Why video works in church

  1. Well done Steve. Man, you have a gift.

    Love Zac’s testimony!

  2. Ok … realized Newspring did this Zac testimony. My bad!

    You do good work too STeve!

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