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New Series Promo – Arrested

I’m not going to lie, I love doing promo’s for new sermon series. The ‘fun’ part is that we rarely have a lot of time to put them together, but I think that time crunch actually keeps our team pretty sharp; we often have to come up with our concepts pretty quickly! This one was no exception. Seacoast is continuing in our study through the book of Acts; next up is a five week series where we will look at chapters 21-25 where the apostle Paul is imprisoned for preaching the gospel, thus the series title, “Arrested”.

I went back to what has become one of my favorite places to shoot, which is a very industrial area with old warehouses and rusty fences in what is known as the Navy Yard here in Charleston. Having a location that works for several different looks is another great help when you’ve got no time for scouting locations. The piece ran in our Easter services. Have a look:

Tech specs: Shot on a Panasonic HVX200 at 720/24p, edited on Final Cut Pro, and treated with Magic Bullet Looks.


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