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What ever happened to music videos?

OK… I grew up in the 80s… which means that when your favorite band came out with a new “album” (literally on vinyl, or cassette tape), it wasn’t official until you saw the accompanying video for the title song. Any talk of music had to include the question, “Yeah, but did you see the video?”. Apparently that era has passed. Done. Old School. This makes me sad.

To me, a good music video can make a mediocre song tolerable, and a great song all the better. I stumbled across this recently and it lit me up like a Christmas tree! Forget what you might automatically think about Hanson, this is a great video:

(Go watch it in HD and blow it up to full screen; the casting of the extras was so good too… I love the energy in the big street dance portion!)

I love the premise; a hearkening back to a great scene from the original Blues Brothers. Great visuals, great editing, and it makes me want to listen to a song that I might have written off as something from an old band trying to get back in to the mainstream, but I love it!

Dang it… now I want to shoot a music video. =/


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