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Jesus didn’t have a sound guy

How did He do it?

Jesus didn’t have a sound guy. He didn’t have a sound system either, so it’s probably just as well.

No lights. No fancy backdrops or stage. No video screens, cameras, or motion graphics.

He didn’t have a cool band to open his gatherings. No keyboard guy to add emotion to his alter calls.  No one ever sang a special to get the crowds into the right mood.

He never worried about what artwork to put on the cover of bulletin… and while I have no way of proving it, I’m pretty sure that there was no coffee bar at the sermon on the mount.

Seriously, how did he do it?

What we do as creatives and technicians in the modern church is important; Our churches have obviously placed a high value on what we produce, play, and brew… but, it’s still all about Jesus. He did his work without anyone like us and changed the world forever. Don’t ever forget that we need him in what we do and not the other way around.


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