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Show Your Work

When I was a kid in school, I hated math; I just couldn’t ever seem to grasp much beyond the basics… not mention that I was much more interested in talking to girls, but I digress. What I hated even more was the math tests where the teacher would insist that we all show our work… I guess that would somehow prove that we hadn’t cheated, or something.

Now that I’m much older, and MUCH more mature, I’m a big fan of people showing their work! I hope to get to a point where we have just a little more time in some projects where we can do more documentation of things behind the scenes, until then, here is a good example of great video work and some behind the scenes for some insight into how it was made.

Watch this first:

…then this:

Props to Director of Photography  Tom Guilmette! Check his blog often for great tips on video gear and techniques.

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