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Church Resource – Deidox

I am in a near-constant search for high quality church media, and when I find it, I love to pass along the information. I first came across the short films (they refer to them as “DEIDOX”, explained below) from the Chronicle Project a few months ago and I was floored by how these great looking pieces conveyed such great stories of God’s work in people’s lives! This weekend, we are using one of their productions at Seacoast, so it seemed a perfect time to brag about their work here.

From the Deidox website:

Do you believe that God is still actively engaged with the world? Do you think He is continually making Himself known? Every day new stories of God’s redemptive and transforming work in and through His people are appearing around the world. But these stories often go untold, their ability to teach and inform lost forever. Deidox brings these compelling stories to life through short documentary films.

Where does the name come from?
Dei = Means “God” in Latin
Dox = Documentary films

Deidox are true stories of how everyday people are being used by God in the world today. Our hope is that these short films will inspire you to realize anew how big and active God is, how He is reaching and changing lives in all countries and using His people to accomplish His work.

Put simply, Deidox are cinematic stories of the modern day Christian journey.

Ultimately we hope to produce dozens of cinematic, Deiddox stories demonstrating how God is working in countries all over the globe.


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