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Moving Pictures; Sermon Set-up

In previous posts, I’ve explained that there are many ways to use video elements within the context of a church service; another way is a sermon set-up video… this is different than a series bumper in that it is specifically built for one sermon or teaching. This is a great way to create an atmosphere with a metaphor or word-picture, thus setting up a theme that your pastor will then be able to carry within the live portion of his message. Pieces like this do require some forethought and a good sense for finding the visual elements in a message to build on.

In the following example, Pastor Greg Surratt called me as he was preparing his sermon based on The Book of Acts, chapter 5. He got a great idea on how to illustrate what was happening in the early days of the Church.

In just over 2 minutes, we were able to give the congregation a strong picture to relate to before the real teaching even began.

I encourage you to work with your pastor on thinking visually when the opportunities present themselves; they can turn out to be a good way to prepare people for a great message!


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