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Does the gear matter?

I worked for a golf club manufacturer for several years back-in-the-day… stay with me.

Even though we liked to brag that our product was far superior to the competitor’s clubs, some one would quickly say that the best golfers could play well with a broom stick; it’s much more about the skill that the equipment.

In other words, only a bad craftsman blames his tools.


I’m not necessarily convinced.

While I will acknowledge that shooting good video does require a certain skill, there has been so much advancement in the technology of camera equipment in the last couple of years that I’m to the point now that I feel like one of the last few church media producers not using a MKII5D (or 7D) on the planet!

While I know that this isn’t true, I will confess that I think about it a whole lot more than I should!

I came across this beautiful piece today… On the title alone, I probably would have gone right by, but the thumbnail showed me that it had been shot on a DSLR; now I had to watch.

Not to take away anything from the beauty of seeing people get dunked in Jesus’ name, it’s always awesome… but I’ve seen dozens of these in the past. This one made me want to watch, all the way to the end, simply because of the beautiful video! (the editing was pretty good too!) For me, this one stands out because of the gear as much as the skill.

So, I’m up for some discussion on this; How much does the gear you use matter to the final product? …and perhaps an even deeper question, how much does the gear (cameras, mics, edit system, etc) affect the impact on the audience? Chime in!


One comment on “Does the gear matter?

  1. I certainly think the gear matters, but there is a point where it matters less. People are very important and the skills and gifts they possess are also very important, but if you’re shooting on a 12 year old “fisher price cam” and converting to digital on a device that doesn’t do audio sync you’re going to end up with a product that distracts people from the message you are trying to convey.
    However if you’re shooting on a 4-6 year old device and your have the skill to really make that device shine then your audience may not even notice if you were to get new equipment.

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