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Guest Post: Adam Kring – “Write Them Down”

I’m happy to have my friend Adam Kring guest-posting here today! Adam is a very talented video designer with NewSpring Church in Anderson, SC. This is just some good stuff that makes good sense! (Make sure to check out some of Adam’s work HERE)

Write Them Down

How many times of you thought of a fantastic idea, only to find yourself trying to remember what the great idea was a few hours later?  You probably said to yourself, ‘I can remember that for later’…except you can’t…because you didn’t.  Do yourself and others a favor, take a few minutes to write that sucker down before it leaves your head a lands in someone else’s (And yes, I’m convinced that’s what ideas do).

One thing that I’ve started doing lately is caring a small notebook with me anywhere I go.  Ideas and thoughts strike me at the most random times.  For years I have fallen into the trap in telling myself, ‘I’ll remember that for later.’  And I didn’t.

If you don’t take the steps to put a system in place that will help you catch ideas and inspiration you are lazy.  God has blessed all of us with an imagination and the creative factories to generate some amazing ideas, they just don’t always roll anything out between the hours of 9AM to 5PM.

So when they come to you, take a moment, write them down.  Now you might not want to use a pen and paper…and that’s fine.  Lucky for you, there are a ton of app developers out there who would love to make a few bucks off of your need to use technology.  Evernote is a fantastic app that runs on both your desktop and phone.  It keeps it all up ‘in the cloud’ so it’s available to you anywhere you go.  And it’s free.

You just need to get over your pride and write some of these great things that pop into your head from time to time.  Being able to have a stockpile of thoughts and ideas to pull from when you are asked to is way easier than staring at a whiteboard for hours on end.

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