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Production and Purpose – 10/5/10

This is a gem!

Great communication, clicking on all cylinders! Great writing, shooting, editing… and what I want to point out most about this clip is the location; even with the great production value, this piece would not have the same impact without the old church as a backdrop… it almost becomes the main character in this story!

(embedded video HERE)

This is a great example that even in marketing, a well told story can be the key to a great video. Anyone else want to read this book now?


One comment on “Production and Purpose – 10/5/10

  1. Hey, just discovered your blog looking for info on church announcement videos and I’ve just found myself scrolling through your posts – great stuff!

    I’m the creative director at my church and most of the video work we do I have to do it all myself (wish I had the team that Hillsong does, sheesh!) but I’m able to learn a lot watching other people’s work and really appreciate the inspiration that you post here.

    This video is great, the music has a great mood that matches the serious and direct words and the somber disappointed tone of the speaker. Almost makes me wish I had a nearby abandoned church to use for such a video. 😉

    Anyways – just wanted to say that I love the blog and will keep up to date on it, glad to have found it.

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