Behind the Tech; Confessions of a Church Video Director

I’ve been thinking about some things lately… things regarding the many aspects of working in media and in ministry. We, the techies… the artists… the producers… can get so wrapped up in what we do and how we do it that we can completely miss the God who we claim to work for. This may end up being a series of posts; I welcome your feedback.

Confession #1: The Throw-Away Weekend

If you’ve worked in or around churches for any time, you know that the calendar year passes with several different sermon series. 3-4 times per year, the series take a break and give way to what we call a stand-alone weekend. This is usually a time where we have a guest speaker because one or more of our teaching team happen to be out of town or committed to be elsewhere. These guest speakers typically come in completely prepared with a message and rarely need much from us beyond a microphone and instructions on when to go on stage.

I confess that I have, at times, referred to these weekends as “throw aways”; especially when they fall on a holiday weekend when attendance can be predictably down and we, the crew, can merely be going through the motions.

This just happened: We were slated to have a guest speaker on the weekend following Thanksgiving. I was not excited about ‘doing church’ after a couple of days of gorging myself and spending time with my family, but I dragged myself in to direct. I wasn’t expecting much.

Wait, you weren’t expecting much?

Can you guess that this is the part where God messed up my little pity-party?

The message was wonderful… and I felt privileged to hear it four times! The worship was awesome… and people responded to God.

I am a dolt.

I honestly felt ashamed.

Who am I to think that just because we weren’t doing our normal routine of things that God couldn’t have His way in the services? I minimized God… as if this wasn’t all about Him. I was quick to worry about how things were going to go for me and not about how God would move among those who did show up.

Lord, forgive me for the times when I phone it in. Help my unbelief.


4 comments on “Behind the Tech; Confessions of a Church Video Director

  1. Thanks for sharing this Steve, it helps to hear the struggles that other people in similar situations go through. Keep up the great work!

  2. Hi,
    I’m not a “techie” or anywhere close to that. In fact I’m not currently involved in formal ministry at all on a regular basis. But what you describe is not just an issue for the “techie” or “artsie” folks. I was feeling the same way this past Sunday. In fact if my daughter wasn’t involved in a church drama we may have stayed home. But like you God challenged me. In my case He used a young woman who served as a translator for our church’s Tialand team. She made the point that in a country like America where Christianity is so common, it is very easy to take God’s love and grace for granted. And she prayed that we would experience God’s love and grace afresh each day, that we would wake up eager to see what God was going to bring into our lives that day….ouch! O.K. God I hear you.

    So I would echo her prayer for all of us. May God’s love and mercy be freash and new to us as the first day we put our trust in Him. May we continually fall in love with Jesus.

  3. Love it, Steve. Guilty as heck here & I love your transparency!

    We could learn a lot from this post.

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