Cool Shoot

From the “constant location scouting” file, here are some stills from a shoot I did this week. In an effort to get healthy, I’ve been walking in the morning, and my favorite area is a section of nearby streets where houses were never built; I’ve been wanting to do a shoot here for more than a year! The vegetation has gotten really over-grown and it just has a great look. Plus, it was a great place to be able to set up a bench right in the middle of the road and shoot without fear of being run over!

The bench was used as a constant in 3 seperate videos; the idea of stopping to rest.

My great actors, Chris Russo and Martha Martin

Yours truly manning the Panasonic HVX-200

Are you keeping your eyes open for unique spots? Take pictures, take notes, and keep a file of things like this. You never know when you might stumble upon a great place for a video project.

Special thanks to my sweet wife for snapping the pictures!

2 comments on “Cool Shoot

  1. Pocket Scout (an iPhone app) lets you log places to shoot. You take pictures and save them to the app which stores photos, maps (from the photo coordinates), and other info you want to save. Good resource.

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