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Video Story – Find a visual focal point

At Seacoast, we’re doing a short sermon series based on the Book of Jonah, so telling a story on video about someone running from God’s call would be great for a sermon illustration. Finding the story wasn’t difficult; it involves the wife of one of our pastors getting involved with helping people in human trafficking… I just didn’t want to do the ol’ standard testimonial video. After some discussion, it was noted that, while she never thought she could see herself doing anything like this, now it was all she could see. This not only became the closing line of the script, it also gave me a great idea for a focal point; I would have my subject walking around downtown Charleston with a camera.

Special thanks to my new partner-in-crime, Jack Hoey III, who put together a great voice-over script, and to Lisa Surratt who allowed us to tell her inspiring story.

Don’t just dive into a story and default to what you’ve always done; look at the details from different angles and listen for the visual elements. Don’t be afraid to explore new ways of telling the story.

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