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A21 Project

In another instance of being inspired by a great location (never stop scouting!), here is a piece I put together for the A21 Campaign, which is an organization started by Christine Caine that hopes to abolish human trafficking in the 21st. century.

This picture is of an odd little brick building on the backside of a public park on Sullivan’s Island, SC. I have no idea what the place is or what it might have been, but it served a the perfect setting to depict a nasty stash house for part of my video. I went solo here on a Sony FS100 equipped with a Canon 24-70mm lens.

The spoken word portion was shot in a studio setting with a pair of Sony FS100s; 1 on a tripod with a Canon 24-70mm lens and the second with the Sony kit lens on a Kessler crane for good cut-aways.

Special thanks to Chris Russo for his amazing talent in writing and performing such an intense piece, and Adam Erickson for running the jib in the studio.

The edit went down on Final Cut 7 with color grading in Magic Bullet Looks.


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