Are you sure you want to do video announcements?

My┬átribute┬áto all of my ‘talented’ folks who always get it right the FIRST time. Advertisements

Stage Change

So, we needed to do a stage change… What’s the best way to get started?

Friday Funny 7/23/10

I decided a couple of weeks ago that if I hadn’t found a good Friday Funny by Thursday afternoon, I wasn’t going to force it… needless to say, I haven’t seen anything that I would deem worthy of this auspicious feature recently so, it’s been on a little hiatus. …until I found this one! A. […]

Friday Funny – 7/2/10

I’ve taken some heat for being snarky on Facebook & twitter about the World Cup here lately, but I have found a clip that helps to explain why I’m never going to be a fan of soccer:

Seacoast Bloopers

We did a short project recently where a series of 5 short videos were produced to give more information about membership in our church; I couldn’t resist putting a blooper reel together! All you have to do is sit in front of the camera and talk… how hard can it be, right? (Embedded video HERE) […]

Friday Funny – 6/18/10

Friday Funny – 6/11/10

Be yourself… NO. MATTER.WHAT.