Production and Purpose

Easter 2014 – Video Round Up

This Easter was a little odd for me in that it’s the first time in 8 years that I wasn’t working for a church. I was, however, keeping an eye on social media and watching what was being posted in the way of video for Good Friday and Easter services. Here are a few that […]

A Not So Silent Night

For our Christmas project this year we decided to do a modern telling of the Christmas Story; a young, pregnant couple on a road trip, unable to find a room for the night. Our project was used to set up our pastor‘s message in our Christmas Eve services at Seacoast Church. 5 different locations 4 […]

Production and Purpose – 1/3/11

Please, don’t just watch this… absorb this. It is one of the most beautifully told stories I have ever seen. Get to a place where you can take 8 minutes and let this story hit you. Maybe watch it twice: Once for the story and then a second time for the wonderful production value. Thoughts?

Production and Purpose – 10/5/10

This is a gem! Great communication, clicking on all cylinders! Great writing, shooting, editing… and what I want to point out most about this clip is the location; even with the great production value, this piece would not have the same impact without the old church as a backdrop… it almost becomes the main character […]

Moving Pictures; Ideation Part 3

(Continuing on in a series of posts about the ideation process; see part 1 HERE, and part 2 HERE) Step 3; Production – Shooting the video. Obviously, this is a critical step; without good video, your project will be on life-support. This is where you will start to see the greatest value of good pre-production. […]

Production and Purpose 12/9/09

Start by just watching this piece from my friend Neil Greathhouse at New Life Church in Little Rock, Arkansas: There is so much about this relatively simple piece that I find quite brilliant! – I can relate: This is the season when EVERYONE is out shopping. I love that Pastor Rick gave the examples of […]

Production and Purpose 9/29/09

Production and Purpose™ is dedicated to featuring great examples of well planned and executed video productions that tell the story of God’s transforming love. § § § § § First off, let this post serve as an introduction to two new friends, Peter McKenzie and Jon Muedder from Forest Hill Church in Charlotte, NC. These […]