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New series promo – White Flag

There are times when we get into preparations for a new series at Seacoast Church that the metaphors come very easily; so was the case as we ramped up for our next teaching series, White Flag;┬ábased on the premise that to truly find victory in Christ, we must surrender our own will and ways to […]

Tips for Church Video Announcements

I recently checked my stats and was surprised to find out how many people land here looking for information about doing church video announcements. I love helping churches communicate well! So, getting back to my intent for this to be a resource for other church media producers, I submit the following video announcement tips: Keep […]

Quick review: Sony NEX-FS100

As we (Seacoast Church) were just about ready to make the jump to DSLR, we found out about the new Sony NEX-FS-100. While I had only limited experience working with DSLRs, everything that I read and saw about the Sony made beautiful sense; Take all of what makes a DSLR amazing and actually incorporate them […]

Media vs Ministry: the Thursday Bomb

The following article is re-posted with permission from Tim Allen. Tim has spent several years creating media and motion graphics in the local church. He owns Tribal Iris, a post-production and finishing company. He lives in AZ with his wife and son. Find other great articles like this at http://www.shrinkthechurch.com. I have said for a […]

Be a resource

I’ve been working full-time in church environments for 5 years now and one of the things that I have come to love doing is sharing resources with other churches. I’ve seen/heard different conversations about whether or not churches should sell their various forms of media once they’ve been used, and I come out on the […]

8 Simple rules for church video announcements

Bottom line: Video is a GREAT way to inform your congregation about the events and other things going on at your church… when done with thought and intent. At the risk of offending the churches represented in the following not-so-good-examples, here are a few things to be mindful of: 1. Don’t shoot the video in […]

Moving Pictures – Sermon Bumpers

We’ll call this a follow-up to my previous post about series promos; A bumper (also called a ‘roll-in”) is a short video piece that rolls just before the pastor comes up to speak. A well done bumper uses visual elements and content that work in conjunction with what has been established as a look or […]