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New series promo – White Flag

There are times when we get into preparations for a new series at Seacoast Church that the metaphors come very easily; so was the case as we ramped up for our next teaching series, White Flag;┬ábased on the premise that to truly find victory in Christ, we must surrender our own will and ways to […]

Tips for Church Video Announcements

I recently checked my stats and was surprised to find out how many people land here looking for information about doing church video announcements. I love helping churches communicate well! So, getting back to my intent for this to be a resource for other church media producers, I submit the following video announcement tips: Keep […]

Jesus didn’t have a sound guy

How did He do it? Jesus didn’t have a sound guy. He didn’t have a sound system either, so it’s probably just as well. No lights. No fancy backdrops or stage. No video screens, cameras, or motion graphics. He didn’t have a cool band to open his gatherings. No keyboard guy to add emotion to […]

Back-loaded worship

I remember the weekend that I interviewed at Seacoast Church… my first experience in their Saturday night service caught me a little off guard; the service began with worship… no surprise there… but it seemed that the music stopped just as quickly as it had started, after just two songs. What? Hold on… this might […]

Constant Location Scouting

From the “I’ve become too obsessed with video” file, I’d like to submit the following encouragement: Where ever you go, no matter what you’re doing there (or even on the way there), consider it a location scout the for your next creative element… consider that your “finds” might be a cool backdrop for a video […]