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Are you sure you want to do video announcements?

My┬átribute┬áto all of my ‘talented’ folks who always get it right the FIRST time. Advertisements

Seacoast Bloopers

We did a short project recently where a series of 5 short videos were produced to give more information about membership in our church; I couldn’t resist putting a blooper reel together! All you have to do is sit in front of the camera and talk… how hard can it be, right? (Embedded video HERE) […]

Media vs Ministry: the Thursday Bomb

The following article is re-posted with permission from Tim Allen. Tim has spent several years creating media and motion graphics in the local church. He owns Tribal Iris, a post-production and finishing company. He lives in AZ with his wife and son. Find other great articles like this at http://www.shrinkthechurch.com. I have said for a […]

Be a resource

I’ve been working full-time in church environments for 5 years now and one of the things that I have come to love doing is sharing resources with other churches. I’ve seen/heard different conversations about whether or not churches should sell their various forms of media once they’ve been used, and I come out on the […]

Moving Pictures – Series Promos

Promoting a new sermon series or special event can be touchy… The key is to give enough information without saying too much; The goal is to get people interested enough to come back and engage in what is next… maybe even invite a friend who might not otherwise be interested. There are a few ways […]

Constant Location Scouting

From the “I’ve become too obsessed with video” file, I’d like to submit the following encouragement: Where ever you go, no matter what you’re doing there (or even on the way there), consider it a location scout the for your next creative element… consider that your “finds” might be a cool backdrop for a video […]

New Series promo

I love working at a church that tries to do some advanced planning! We’re rarely way ahead of the game, but we try to be. In 2 weeks, we’re starting a new series based on the book Luke, chapters 13 & 14; these are some great sections of scripture where Jesus is messing with the […]