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11% Day

It has been said that we humans are using less than 10% of our brains. I was never much of a science-person so I have no idea how such a figure is even quantified… whatever. Stay with me… When I have a day off, I like to spend the morning by myself; I make a pot […]

Cool Shoot

From the “constant location scouting” file, here are some stills from a shoot I did this week. In an effort to get healthy, I’ve been walking in the morning, and my favorite area is a section of nearby streets where houses were never built; I’ve been wanting to do a shoot here for more than […]

Moving Pictures; Find something to inspire you

Ever feel like you’re in a creative rut? Like you’re doing the same thing over and over? I do. Don’t ever allow yourself to get stagnant! Recognize that you’re in a funk and do something about it! God created you to be a creator… it’s His DNA… his gift to you and in you! What […]