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Church IMAG Directors – You Are A Worship Leader

To: Church IMAG Video Directors Whether you realize it or not, you are a worship leader. But, I have no musical ability and I don’t even sing in the shower for fear that some one might accidentally hear me and claw their ears off so that they never have to hear me again! It doesn’t […]

Behind the Tech; Confessions of a Church Video Director

I’ve been thinking about some things lately… things regarding the many aspects of working in media and in ministry. We, the techies… the artists… the producers… can get so wrapped up in what we do and how we do it that we can completely miss the God who we claim to work for. This may […]

IMAG: Minimize Distraction

My pastor and others who appear on stage (or on video) say that I harp on them too much about what clothing they wear, perhaps you have run into the same angst. I can only hope that they all understand that my chief objective is to make them good as well as minimizing distractions during […]

Church Tech – IMAG

I have been around churches that deploy cameras and screens for several years now, and that experience has helped me to form some opinions on how IMAG (image magnification) is best utilized in a worship environment. (Note to new readers; I also spent many years in live television production, so I have a detailed understanding […]