Dear Church, Can We Please Stop Calling it an “Experience”?

While I have no way of going back to discover when church services began being called “experiences”, I can start a lobby suggesting that we stop calling them experiences. The more that I’ve thought about this the more I am convinced that we are incapable of creating an experience for one simple reason: Experiences are far too […]

Church Video Announcements; a Love/Hate Relationship

I like church video announcements because I see them as a great way to communicate things in a way that someone standing at a podium reading the bulletin can’t. I hate church video announcements because they are often viewed or esteemed to be doing something that they’re incapable of doing. Not to mention that they seem to […]

Stewardship – The Red Line

In this time of financial instability, much has been made about good stewardship when it comes to our money and other resources. What about our most important resource, people? Money, tools, time… these are all diminishing resources; we always wish that we had more and are constantly trying to figure out how to make best […]

Church Video Announcements; An on-going conversation

I struggled with calling this post ‘an on-going conversation’, it’s probably more of an obsession. While I would never classify myself as a communications expert, I’m passionate about communicating well within the church. I’ve posted about this passion before (See 8 Simple Rules for Video Announcements), and I’d really like to hear from other video […]

Taming the Chaos

As much as we might deny it, the first church service of the weekend, whether it’s Saturday night or first thing Sunday morning, often times really is a dress rehearsal. There really is no end to the possibilities as to why… The bottom line is that this is the first time that we’re doing this […]

Sharing Your Stage

A few years ago while I was still working in the freelance video world, I had an opportunity to work on a show with the amazing Gregory Hines. While I’d love to regale you with the part of this story where I got to hang out backstage and talk about life and fatherhood with him […]

Moving Pictures – Story telling

I’m sure if you polled a few hundred people and asked them what they think is the primary function for any video, you’d get a mix of answers: Communication/information Historical/documentation Entertainment These are all valid views, but what I’d like to stress is that the best videos, in any category, are those that tell a […]