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Easter 2014 – Video Round Up

This Easter was a little odd for me in that it’s the first time in 8 years that I wasn’t working for a church. I was, however, keeping an eye on social media and watching what was being posted in the way of video for Good Friday and Easter services. Here are a few that I found particularly amazing. I hope that they inspire others to produce some great pieces for next year.

This Man Named Jesus

Produced for The Meeting House, Ontario, Canada

Director: Scott Trapasso @scottytrapasso
Producers: Joss Monzon @jossmonzon
Sandra Neufeld @sandraneufeld, Scott Trapasso
Script: Tom Loewen @lowelife
Director of Photography: Jesse Hunt @jessedhunt
Behind The Scenes: Graham Pulsen @gwpaulsen
Musical Score: Jeremy Bundy @puremindstudios
Voice Over: Tom Loewen @lowelife
Lighting / Grip: Paul Terpstra, Chris VanDijk, Joel Powley @joeladampowley Steve Kanaris, Josh Ruser @joshruser
Photography: Erin Trapasso @ebakerphotography
Make Up: Jessah Young and Shannon Roberts
Actors: Diego Lopez, Sebastian Lopez, Max White, Lisa Ball, Amanda Miles, Joss Monzon
(Another video from this series HERE, and a cool look behind the scenes HERE)


Death to Life

Produced for Conroe Community Church, Conroe, Texas

This was a cool collaboration between Minister of Media Arts, Colton Holmes (@coltonmace) and Worship Pastor, Lance Dockery, with a little help on the second camera by Brooke Davis. (Another piece for Good Friday HERE)


Two Kings

Produced for Christ’s Church of the Valley, Peoria, Arizona

Project Lead – Kris Bargen @krisbargen (Pre-production, DP, Editor)
Producer / Director – Cameron Smith @cameron987
Script & Underscore – Michael Olson @1michaelolson
Post Production – Nick Armenta @narmenta (Color Grade)
Actor – Jonathan King (Found him by posting a Casting Call on a Facebook Group called “Arizona Film”)

What I love about each of these pieces is such wonderful differences in conveying the Gospel message as well as what great media can come from teams large and small. A good, well executed plan can make for such wonderfully engaging video.

Did you produce something for your church’s Easter or Good Friday services? Post a link in the comments so others can can see.


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