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Church IMAG Directors – You Are A Worship Leader


To: Church IMAG Video Directors

Whether you realize it or not, you are a worship leader.

But, I have no musical ability and I don’t even sing in the shower for fear that some one might accidentally hear me and claw their ears off so that they never have to hear me again!

It doesn’t matter. Get it through your head right now: YOU ARE A WORSHIP LEADER

Your instrument is a switcher and your song is a clear and passionate voice to your camera operators, lyrics operator, and anyone else on the line while you direct.

And you share the same environment as the guys with guitars and microphones.

While you may have been hired based on your technical abilities, you are now a part of helping to build atmospheres and environments where people come to encounter the power and presence of a Holy God. Learn to lean into that. Go into any service with the mindset that your contribution should virtually disappear as it blends with great lighting, sound and gifted musicians and singers.

What you are doing is so much more than any of the technical aspects of the work, it is real leadership. If this is the first time that you have even thought about this line of thinking, please take a moment and consider these words:

  • Every cut or dissolve should enhance the feel of the room. Know when to hit the gas to help build energy, but also know when to go very subtle so as not to distract from a quiet moment.
  • Have a good knowledge of the music – musical solos shouldn’t surprise you. Show more singers when there is singing and more instruments when there are solos or musical breaks.
  • Be proactive – be constantly aware of what’s coming next so that your team is prepared for it and not chasing things as (or after) they happen.
  • Be vocal – people can’t read your mind; ask for things clearly and thank your people constantly. Your words are powerful.
  • Master the transitions – how you navigate through the moments between the big pieces can be such a great help to the smooth flow of the service.
  • Remind everyone on your team regularly that even though their roles happen behind the scenes, their contributions are visible out in the open where everyone can see. Seek excellence and invisibility.
  • Be the calming voice when things get chaotic – even when your team is completely prepared, things can go wrong. Always be at the ready to keep things calm and  in order as solutions are sought.
  • Your “credit” will often be silence – your main goal should be that no one in attendance even recognized the balance between stage and screen. Be content with knowing you and your team did your best.

Don’t ever minimize your work into anything less than important. You play a vital part in the success of any service or special event. Do all that you can to help lead your congregation into meaningful times of worship.


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